WATCH: 1965 Documentary Shows the Construction of Chicago’s “Wilco Buildings”

“And this design will eliminate one of the builder’s biggest problems: the useless and highly inefficient corner.”

In 2002, Chicago institution Wilco put Chicago institution Marina City’s twin towers on the cover of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, the group’s highest artistic achievement and a landmark album in the history of indie rock. The album’s creation was documented by Sam Jones in the documentary I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, and now, thanks to Marina City Online, you can go behind the scenes of the iconic towers’ creation, too.

As Curbed points out, This is Marina City was released in 1965, one year after the complex—which also included a TV station and bowling alley, and now hosts Chicago’s House of Blues—was completed. The towers were the first major residential project on the north side of the Chicago River and are largely credited with kickstarting the development of the city’s River North neighborhood, the revitalization of the American inner city, and the proliferation of dudes in flannel shirts blocking foot traffic on Wacker to take a selfie with the #WilcoBuildings.

Put on your hard hat, pull up your socks, cue the first few seconds of “Heavy Metal Drummer,” and check out This is Marina City below.

Part 1

Part two

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