Facebook Planning Music Streaming Service

Finally, some choices!

You know what we need more of? Streaming services. Facebook, the social media megalith where you watch people you knew in high school grow older and develop beliefs more horrifying than your own, is apparently getting into the music streaming game. According to Music Ally (via NME), Facebook’s two-tiered streaming plan will first identify and tag copyright-protected videos that users are already uploading, assuring revenues for record labels. The development of that service is apparently near completion. The second tier will be for Facebook to introduce a music-streaming service that will hope to rival the old favorites: Spotify, Rdio, Tidal, Apple Music, and bars with Internet-connected jukeboxes.

It’s not yet known how the new service will differentiate itself from the competition—or how this will affect Facebook’s integration with Spotify—but the social network’s connectivity opens the door to some interesting possibilities: playlists automatically generated to match your current mood, discovery tools based on the artists you already like but haven’t necessarily listened to. Or it could just be something else clogging your timeline.

(via NME)


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