WATCH: Irish Roots Tangle with American Affairs in First “Brooklyn” Trailer

The romantic drama hits theaters on November 6.

Colm Tóibín‘s 2009 novel Brooklyn seems like it’s in good hands after watching the first trailer of the book’s upcoming film adaptation. Within our first look at Brooklyn, penned by the one and only Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About a Boy), Saoirse Ronan (The Grand Budapest Hotel) stars as Eilis Lacey—an Irish immigrant in 1950’s New York City who strives to fit in while she’s dreaming of her lush homeland. Her longing for Ireland seems to dissipate once she’s met a sensitive Italian-American named Tony (Emory Cohen) who doesn’t share his family’s oh-so-charming distaste for her ethnicity. (“I should say that we don’t like Irish people,” says a pint-sized member of Tony’s family at Lacey’s first visit.)

Right when this seems like a heart-warming tale of love overcoming adversity, Lacey gets word that her sister has passed away and heads back to Ireland for her funeral. That’s when she meets Jim (Domhnall Gleeson)—a sweet Irish lad who wants her heart (and is apparently well-known as a good catch).

Now we’re all in the middle of an international love triangle with no clear direction out.

The exceptional Julie Walters and the always-charismatic Jim Broadbent round out the Sundance-premiered film’s talented cast.

Brooklyn‘s wide release is slated for November 6.

(via Variety)


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