LISTEN: EDM R.E.M.: “The One I Love” Gets a Band-Approved Remix

This THUMP one THUMP goes THUMP out THUMP to THUMP the THUMP one THUMP I THUMP love.

Denver-based progressive house DJ Joman just dropped a thumping, slowly evolving remix of R.E.M.‘s classic ballad “The One I Love.” As We Got This Covered points out (via Stereogum), it’s a rare thing for an EDM remix of a pop song to actually work—think back on the number of “(Techno Remix)”es you downloaded off of Kazaa back in the day. To Joman’s credit, this one works surprisingly well, with the original bassline twining around the producer’s insistently thumping drums. The band themselves even dug it, calling it “really excellent” in a post on their website. Maybe Michael Stipe has a second career as a rave-tent vocalist ahead of him. Check it below. 

(via Stereogum)


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