PREMIERE: Best Coast Gets Atmospheric with Live Video of “California Nights” for “Guitar Center Sessions”

Season ten of the DIRECTV performance series is underway now.

When you think about summer in Los Angeles, your mind immediately drifts to Dodger games and lounging by the big, blue Pacific. While The Beach Boys will always hold the top musical spot of being synonymous with summer, SoCal dreamy surf-rock duo Best Coast has managed to stake its claim to the Golden State’s warm weather and salty air over the last five years.

On the band’s upcoming episode of Guitar Center Sessions—premiering tonight on DIRECTV’s Audience Network—Best Coast launched into a hypnotic live version of their latest album’s title track, “California Nights.” With dueling droning guitar riffs and their long hair waving, Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno practically turn the Sessions studio into a relaxed zen palace. As you watch this exclusive clip below, you can’t help but feel calm.

California Nights is out now via Harvest, and you can catch the full episode of Best Coast performing on “Guitar Center Sessions” this Friday, July 17, on DIRECTV’s Audience Network.


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