WATCH: Dee Dee Strolls Through Chinatown in New Video for Old Dum Dum Girls Song “Coming Down”

A placement on Orange Is the New Black sparked renewed interest in the track.

The Dum Dum Girls already have a video for their Only in Dreams track “Coming Down,” directed by their bassist Malia James, wherein frontwoman Dee Dee participates in a Yoko Ono-style “cut piece,” but that video was only made after the original was canned by the singer.

Now, four years after the song first appeared, the original video is finally seeing the light of day, along with a reissue of the digital single “Coming Down” 7″  thanks to the song’s clutch placement on Netflix‘s Orange is the New Black last month.

The video, which follows Dee Dee as she strolls through New York’s Chinatown, was shelved by the singer because it made her uncomfortable. “I couldn’t handle starring in such a straight forward, HD role,” she said in a press release. “It was just too much me. I felt exposed.” But now, thanks to Piper Chapman and friends, what once was lost is now found.

(via Stereogum)


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