This Week in Why?: Lululemon Is Making Beer

The yoga apparel company is now providing Lululadies with their post-workout drink

While we might have already made our opinions known on what Canada’s best exports are, there’s no doubting the elastic power and complete takeover of Vancouver’s Lululemon Athletica. Best known as a closet staple for wealthy woman (and for its less-than-admirable fat-shaming policies), Lululemon is branching out from the athletic clothing world and introducing its very first beverage. Is it some sort of green juice or fun water thing? Nope, it’s a lager.

Yes, you hear correctly, the brand that has become synonymous with the exercise-driven woman who doesn’t mind wearing her sweaty gym clothes everywhere, is now jumping into the crowded world of alcoholic beverages. “Curiosity Lager” is the first Lululemon beer and is being described as “a crisp, cold beer.” I guess cold can be a taste now? The lager is made from “chinook and lemon drop hops,” so at least you know they thought this whole lemon part of their name through.

If you’re looking forward to grabbing a pint “Curiosity Lager” at your local Lululemon, which now we assume must have a keg next to the water fountain, there’s some bad news: the Lululager (why wasn’t that the name?) is only out for a limited time and only in Canada. Most of the 88,000 cans produced will be available for Vancouver SeaWheeze Sunset Festival and Half Marathon goers next month, but then it will spread to Canadian liquor stores, where it will hopefully will be put on a deep discount and then be forgotten forever.

(via Jezebel)


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