WATCH: Unknown Mortal Orchestra Share Tripped-Out Video for “Ur Life One Night”

Head down the rabbit hole with the Multi-Love single.

“Kaleidoscopic” is a word that gets thrown around pretty often, but rarely can it be used so literally. Unknown Mortal Orchestra have shared the video for “Ur Life One Night,” from this year’s excellent Multi-Love. The story follows a goddess as she attempts to find love, with the visuals zooming in and out on a kind of virtual tapestry. “The visual language naturally led to borrowing heavily from Traditional Asian Art, including paintings from the Mughal period” director Manoj Leonel Jahson told Rolling Stone, “to create multiple dreamscapes, and ended up being a sexually charged riot with a fair dose of humor and symbolism.” All of which might as well be a description of Multi-Love itself. Hold on tight and check it out below.

(via Pitchfork)


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