WATCH: Giovanni Ribisi is a Liar in the “Sneaky Pete” Trailer

Amazon will air the pilot on Friday, and subsequently leave its fate up to you.

Giovanni Ribisi will forever be known as that poor damn medic in Saving Private Ryan (and also as Beck’s brother-in-law, weirdly enough), but there was a time when he was just another guest star on The X-Files, sharing episodes with future big-shots that nobody knew yet (like Jack Black, in this case). Somebody else who was tipped to the public by a role on The X-Files (and more prominently, tipped to Vince Gilligan, writer of his episode) was Bryan Cranston, whose sweet Walter White mustache first appeared when he and Mulder went on a high-speed pursuit together in a race against forces…paranormal.

A few decades later, Ribisi and Cranston are back on the same project again, except this time, they’re running the show. Sneaky Peteno, not Skinny Pete—is a Cranston-produced, Ribisi-starring pilot that was shot for CBS, but ultimately passed on at that outlet. Amazon, however, saw something there, and picked it up—but only temporarily, that is, as the show’s fate is still up in the air, left to be decided by online viewers, who can vote it into production.

The show is about a con man (Ribisi) who steals his cell mate’s identity after getting out of jail, and works to infiltrate his family, who just happen to run a Bail Bonds business. But you’d trust this face, though, wouldn’t you?

Full trailer for the pilot is below.

The pilot for Sneaky Pete will air on August 7 via Amazon.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)


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