WATCH: Girl Band Find Oblivion in a Children’s Show in “Paul” Video

Depression, thy name is Sunrise Farm.

It’s not the first time Girl Band have made an uncomfortable video—watch the incredibly grisly clip for “Why They Hiding Bodies Under My Garage” only if you want to end up on some kind of threat list at your local PD—but the caustic, grating power of the Irish trio’s music wouldn’t exactly pair well with your standard We’re The Dudes In The Band clip.

Ahead of their debut LP, Holding Hands With Jamie, the group have released a video for “Paul,” the album’s first single. It follows the wildly depressing life of an actor in a children’s television show. Between takes of Sunrise Farm, we see our hero take slugs from a pint bottle, visit his cold-hearted father, and stare despondently into the middle distance. And: costume fight!

Check out the clip below, then keep reading for Holding Hands With Jamie‘s track list.

Holding Hands With Jamie track list

“Pears for Lunch”
“In Plastic”
“The Last Riddler”
“Texting an Alien”
“Fucking Butter”
“The Witch Doctor”

Holding Hands With Jamie is out September 25 on Rough Trade.


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