Teen Daze, “Morning World”

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Morning World

Sometimes a band name is so accurate in its ability to sum up a musician’s aesthetic that you can’t help but think the moniker came long before the music—Teen Daze is a prime example. Jamison, the one-name-only man behind Teen Daze, garnered attention in 2010 (at the height of chillwave) with his bedroom recordings that fit comfortably into the genre’s youthful haze. Five years later, Teen Daze still has the vocal style of a sensitive pubescent boy, but the music he’s making finds him venturing outside the confines of his room and exploring more natural sources of inspiration. On Morning World, Jamison paints a stunning picture of a dream world where “there is no death / we can live forever”—where images of endless trees and violet clouds come alive with the sounds of violins and cellos. In this imagined Garden of Eden, Jamison has found clarity, and the resulting album is mellow without being dull.


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