LISTEN: The Easy Wind Is Going with Alex Bleeker and The Freaks on “The Rest”

Country Agenda is out October 16 on Sinderlyn

The summer of Real Estate solo projects burns on today, as the chill-rock band’s bassist Alex Bleeker announced that he’s following up Matthew Mondanile’s recent release as Ducktails and Martin Courtney’s new single “Vestiges” with some original music of his own.

“The Rest” is the first single from Country Agenda, Bleeker’s third LP using the Alex Bleeker and The Freaks moniker, but this time it’s been noted as a more collaborative effort than the previous two releases. The family vibe is reflected directly in the single, which sounds like it could’ve been written backstage while the band prepped for their recent Grateful Dead tribute shows, or perhaps in a Haight Street apartment just as the needle began to spin idly on the dead grooves of Workingman’s Dead—rent hikes be damned.

Country Agenda track list

11183_JKT1. Little Dream I Had
2. California
3. Country Agenda
4. Portrait
5. Downright Stinson
6. The Rest
7. Sealong Hair
8. Honey I Don’t Know
9. The Wind
10. Turtle Dove
11. U.H.M.
12. They’ve Gone Home

Country Agenda is out October 16 via Sinderlyn.

(via Stereogum)


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