Radkey, “Dark Black Makeup”

Dark Black Makeup

Blasting out of St. Joseph, Missouri, comes a power trio of young, homeschooled brothers who just delivered one solid debut rock album. Radkey (the boys’ surname is Radke) puts guitar, drums, and bass to good use in the creation of a blistering set of tunes that fuse hard and fast rock and roll with the forceful baritone vocals of oldest brother Dee, 21. The album opens with the muscular, driving title track, in which Dee proclaims “Kids these days, they want it all”—mature words from a guy who was just recently a kid himself. “Dark Black Makeup” sets a high bar that is quickly met by a brace of worthy follow-ups. The rock continues unabated for the duration. Some passages conjure a little déjà vu—the palate is exceedingly monochromatic—but Radkey knows their developing voice fairly well. Dark Black Makeup leaves listeners hopeful for what is next to come from the Radke family.


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