LISTEN: Lift Off with King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard on “Paper Mâché Dream Balloon”

The upcoming album Paper Mâché Dream Balloon will be their fourth LP in less than two years.

Occasionally, coverage of bands that are “prolific” really do a disservice to the music itself, focusing blindly on sheer output rather than on whether that output is warranted in the first place. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, however, have absolutely warranted their oft-mentioned proclivity, as all three of their albums released in the last year-and-a-half have been excellent—and most importantly, all three of them have been completely different in terms of approach and sound.

Coming off their most recent release—the four-song, Grateful Dead-influenced river-raft soundtrack Quarters!—King Gizzard are back with yet another alluring new concept and album in Paper Mâché Dream Balloon, which is noted to have been recorded on a farm in Victoria, Australia, with only acoustic instruments (“It was all horses, emus, and tim tams,” said frontman Stu Mackenzie). That’s the title track below—a whimsical jaunt into the land of beautiful Play-Doh melodies and hot air balloons made out of paper (not a good idea, guys).  

Paper Mâché Dream Balloon track list

King_Gizzard_and_the_Lizard_Wizard-2015-PaperMacheDreamBalloon_cover1. Sense
2. Bone
3. Dirt
4. Paper Mâché Dream Balloon
5. Trapdoor
6. Cold Cadaver
7. The Bitter Boogie
8. N.G.R.I. (Bloodstain)
9. Time = Fate
10. Time = $$$
11. Most of What I Like
12. Paper Mâché

Paper Mâché Dream Balloon
is out November 13 via ATO Records.

(via Exclaim!)


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