LISTEN: Protomartyr Descends Back Upon Us with “Dope Cloud”

The Agent Intellect is out October 9 via Hardly Art

Detroit’s preeminent post-punks Protomartyr are steaming along on their way to the release of The Agent Intellect—their third LP—and in doing so are bidding to become the country’s preeminent post-punks in the process.

We’ve already heard “Why Does It Shake?”—a Stooge-tastic cut of philosophical anger and confusion—and now there’s the second single “Dope Cloud.” The song and title can be interpreted a few different ways, but you’re probably not wrong if you envision either the kind of dope cloud that would be found in a dorm room, or, like, a really dope cloud, dude.

The Agent Intellect is out October 9 on Hardly Art.


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