It’s Time to Get Addicted to Col’Brew

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert starts on September 8

It’s pretty amazing that in all of the sack lunches that Stephen Colbert shared with us, the man never had a coffee beverage. Now, that’s changing thanks to Stumptown Coffee and CBS. For a short amount of time, the Portland, Oregon–based roasters will be pumping out a limited-edition bottle of their delicious cold brew with a new Colbert-approved label slapped on. And thus, the Col’Brew was born.


Now, don’t go rushing to your latest Whole Foods or Stumptown store just yet. As of right now, these bottles will only be available on September 8 in New York. Colbert‘s own street team will be passing them out to get people pumped for his first night as the new Late Show host, which will feature a performance by Kendrick Lamar.

(via Paste)


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