Meet Your New Travel Companion: The BauBax Travel Jacket

The company's crowd-funding campaign is the fourth most successful in Kickstarter history.

With airlines jacking up fares and fees for just about anything these days, the key to saving money and staying sane when traveling is packing efficiently. Up-and-coming apparel company BauBax believes that they have created the solution to juggling multiple carry-on items in front of the disapproving flight attendant. Conde Nast Traveler has described it as the “Swiss Army knife of jackets.” Not only does BauBax’s travel jacket have room for all of your personal items, it claims to have a built-in neck pillow, gloves, and eye mask.

Apparently, the majority of the traveling public thinks that this jacket could be the real deal, because BauBax’s Kickstarter campaign—which was only seeking $20,000—raised over nine-million dollars to put its jacket into production. It’s officially Kickstarter’s most successful apparel campaign ever.

Watch BauBax’s demonstration video below to see if you want to jump on the jacket bandwagon.

(via Conde Nast Traveler)


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