WATCH: Mexican TV Channel Fut Azteca Mocks US Soccer With Donald Trump

"El sueño americano ha muerto."

Despite neither side making a huge mark internationally, the United States and Mexico’s men’s national teams have developed a fairly intense rivalry over the past fifteen years—having to run through one another on the way to the World Cup every four years will do that. And despite the USMNT‘s unparalleled ability to beat Mexico 2–0 (see: Dos a Cero), the Mexican squad‘s fan support remains fierce.

That extends to Fut Azteca, the Mexican TV station that will be airing next month’s match between the two sides. The station’s promos, which you can see below, feature a certain Republican contender for the US presidency who has recently had a few things to say about our southerly neighbors.

There’s a lot going on here—more than your average :60 sports promo spot—so let’s take a moment to unpack.

First, there’s the sheer audacity of the ad itself. While the Mexicans have historically dominated the USMNT, the tide has changed in recent years: the US leads the series 13–5–5 since 2000 (with eight of those thirteen victories being 2–0). That Fut Azteca feels empowered to taunt the US in the first place is amazing.

But that also speaks to the current political moment in the US. Fut Azteca’s ad isn’t taking shots at the USMNT; it’s taking shots at the person who is currently the leading candidate for president by a major political party.

In fact, the ad not only stirs hype for the match—it also deconstructs Trump’s claim that Mexico “isn’t sending their best” north of the border (whether they have some kind of obligation to do so is another matter). As Trump makes his claim, the video cuts to several Mexican players signing on with MLS teams.

Finally, by ending on Trump’s pronouncement of the death of the American Dream, the ad manages to mock both American triumphalism and the USMNT’s perpetual inability to advance deep into the World Cup’s knockout rounds.

This is grade-A taunting, to be sure. The closest American equivalent would be if, say, the University of Alabama released a video ahead of this year’s LSU game mocking Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s presidential bid while also flashing clips of Hurricane Katrina alongside the box score from the 2012 BCS National Championship Game. (Editor’s Note: Don’t get any ideas, Tuscaloosa.)

El Tri take on the USMNT on October 10 at the Rose Bowl.

(via SB Nation)


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