WATCH: Blonde Redhead Take What’s Theirs in a Live Performance of “Doll Is Mine” at the FLOOD Gallery

You can catch the NYC art-rock trio on a tour of the West Coast through the end of this month.

Recently, we had the privilege of hosting legendary dreamscapers Blonde Redhead for a performance in the FLOOD Gallery, where they played an intimate set of  Barragán-heavy tunes, including “Lady M” and “Melody.” As the trio embarks out on a short, but sweet tour of the West Coast (including a few stops in Canada), we’re excited to share a new video from their gallery show, this time of the Misery Is a Butterfly track “Doll Is Mine.”

The plaintive, seductive track is quintessential BRH, but when phrased for a live audience, it contorts and comforts in intriguing new ways. Check out that performance, in addition to the tour details, below.



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