WATCH: Run the Jewels Get a Little Help from TV on the Radio for a Performance of “Angel Duster” on “Colbert” [UPDATED]

Plus: A first look at new RTJ albums including Squawk the JewelsNixon Tapes the Jewels, and more.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has wasted no time in kicking into high gear. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the music department, where the initial run of guests—from Kendrick Lamar to Paul Simon to…Toby Keith—boasted huge name recognition and made the show’s desire to appeal to a wide demographic quite clear. Last night, Colbert offered up the closest thing resembling an indie artist, but, of course, it was done in spectacular fashion.

With TV on the Radio as their backup band, El-P and Killer Mike tore the stage up as a wonderfully mutated Run the Jewels, performing the RTJ2 track “Angel Duster.” It was nuts, and it ended with Killer Mike giving Colbert a big hug.

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Originally published September 16, 1:26 p.m.

Updated: September 17, 10:00 a.m.: After Run the Jewels’ incredible performance on Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert was inspired to sign the duo to a multi-album deal of remix albums in the same vein as the upcoming Meow the Jewels, which we know a little something about. Watch the official announcement clip and read the titles to all of the upcoming LPs below. The guys also revealed the release date of RTJ3: sometime in 2028.

Upcoming Run the Jewels albums

Bubble Wrap the Jewels
Mambo the Jewels
Wilhelm Scream the Jewels
Malfunctioning Pinball Machine the Jewels
Couple Arguing Outside a Party the Jewels
Fire at the Old Henderson Place the Jewels
Nixon Tapes the Jewels
Leaving a Drunk Message on Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Voicemail the Jewels
Windows 95 Startup the Jewels
Tree Falling in the Woods the Jewels
Seagal the Jewels
The Apartment Sounds So Empty Without Her the Jewels
The Entire Soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever with No Modifications the Jewels
Jewel (the Singer) the Jewels
Racist Uncle the Jewels
Squawk the Jewels 2


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