WATCH: Don’t Look Down in the Five-Minute IMAX Trailer for “The Walk”

Robert Zemeckis’s dramatization of Philippe Petit’s literal high-wire act is out in IMAX first on September 30, and then on October 9 in regular theaters.

Forrest Gump and Cast Away director Robert Zemeckis recently declared his steadfast dedication towards not allowing any extraneous adaptation of his prized Back to the Future series, but his most recent project—The Walk—is in a sense an adaptation itself, albeit of a documentary.

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the French high-wire performer Philippe Petit, The Walk’s de facto source material is the Netflix instant-play classic Man on Wire, which is in turn based on Petit’s memoir, To Reach the Clouds. All three tell the story of Petit’s absolutely insane tight-rope walk across the Twin Towers in 1974.

Ahead of the advance IMAX release of Zemeckis’s version of the story, an extended, visual-heavy trailer has been released for the film. You can watch that—and begin to decide whether or not Gordon-Levitt’s French accent is any good—below.  

The Walk is out September 30 in IMAX, and October 9 in wide release.

(via /Film)


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