WATCH: Mysterious Pop Prospect Ryn Weaver Drops “OctaHate” Video

Much unknown about viral chanteuse–just add moloko +

Earlier this year in deepest summer, a particularly infectious pop jam emerged, seemingly out of the clear azure. Titled “OctaHate,” it was attributed to someone called Ryn Weaver, and co-produced by the illustrious likes of Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos, Cashmere Cat, Charli XCX and Benny Blanco. The track was quite impressive, and felt as fully realized as its core maker was elusive. We now know that Ryn Weaver’s real name is Aryn Wüthrich, she is twenty-one years old, previously dabbled in acting, and has signed to the indie label Friends Keep Secrets, with a debut album due out next year. Though Weaver’s twitter page vaguely lists her home as “NYC/LA,” this writer has an unproven pet theory that she is actually British.

Despite the shroud of mystery, Weaver’s music is verifiably legit. A very solid EP, Promises, is already available, and now there is a visual accompaniment for “OctaHate” that stands up next to its audio counterpart. The vibrant clip, directed by Goodwin, also serves as evidence that A Clockwork Orange has been churned full-circle through the zeitgeist. You can viddy it below. Viddy well.


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