STREAM: Line & Circle “Split Figure” Album Premiere

The LA band’s debut full-length Split Figure is out October 2 via Grand Gallop Music.

Along with his colleague Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee spent his time at Bauhaus teaching students how to approach common fundamental structures in new ways. Basic shapes and colors, while on their own serving as nothing grand, could be morphed together to communicate large ideas—much larger than a composition with more complex components.

For their debut album, the LA-via-Ohio quintet Line & Circle tapped into this mindset, paying honor to Klee’s influence by utilizing his 1927 painting Physiognomic Lightning for their album cover. Avoiding that tongue-twister title, they’ve dubbed the album Split Figure, which uses less syllables to emphasize the same concept as it relates to their I.R.S.-style college (grad) rock.

Says singer/guitarist Brian J. Cohen of the title in relation to the music:

We are all split down the middle. There is an inner self that reflects what we think we are, and an outer self that is how others really perceive us. True self-knowledge is when you become aware of each, and begin to reconcile both into one.

Like the band’s self-titled EP, Split Figure was recorded straight to tape by producer Lewis Pesacov, who is best known for his work on Best Coast’s Crazy For You, and for playing in the group Fool’s Gold. The album predictably sounds like a million bucks.

Before it drops on October 2, we’re excited to host a stream of Split Figure, available to play below.

Split Figure track list

11183 [Converted]1. Roman Ruins
2. Like A Statue
3. Mine Is Mine
4. Split Figure
5. Mesolithic
6. Wounded Desire
7. Out Of Metaphors
8. Shade Of Pride
9. Complicated Heart
10. Tunnel Joy


Split Figure
is out October 2 on Grand Gallop Music.


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