WATCH: Bill Hader Returns To “SNL,” Brings Stefon With Him

Spoiler Alert: Stefon is pregnant.

This weekend, Saturday Night Live broadcast its third episode of the season by bringing back beloved cast member Bill Hader to host. The SNL vet left after finishing his eighth season in 2013, and has wasted no time involving himself in a diverse set of projects ranging from indie-hit The Skeleton Twins to…an Angry Birds movie?

Regardless, the Bill Murray-declared “best ever” SNL member was back in top-form, and of course that meant an appearance from Stefon. The NYC nightlife expert seemed a bit perplexed by the new combination of Weekend Update anchors, but was otherwise right at home in recommending strange Manhattan clubs (which included a location that could not be pronounced without the help of Hader’s impeccable Star Wars impersonation skills).

Watch Bill Hader at work once again below.


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