LISTEN: Real Estate’s Martin Courtney Shares View from “Airport Bar”

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Despite what your outdoor thermometer might be telling you, it’s fall. And that means that indie-rock bands around the country are packing up their 16-passenger vans to make another circuit around the continent. It’s a cycle Martin Courtney knows all too well. His latest single from solo debut Many Moons—following “Northern Highway” and “Vestiges”—finds the Real Estate frontman lamenting having to head out once again. And while the history of rock and roll is littered with horrendously dull songs about Life On The Road, Courtney’s complaints aren’t about bad food, or sleeping in dingy motels, or having to soundcheck hungover. They’re about missing his family: “It’s half past two in the afternoon/And I want to see your faces,” he sings in the song’s opening line. “Please don’t go forgetting about me.” It’s enough to drop the temperature a few degrees.

Courtney’s Many Moons is out October 30 on Domino.


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