WATCH: Deerhunter Share New Video for “Living My Life”

Fading Frontier out Friday on 4AD.

There was a time—and it wasn’t all that long ago—that the question of whether Deerhunter would make it to their seventh album seemed very much open. But now here we are, in October of 2015, and the Atlanta group are sturdier and more grounded than they’ve ever been. Surprisingly, domesticity proves to be artistically fruitful for a band who once put out a record called Turn It Up, F*****.

Having already given us “Breaker” and “Snakeskin,” Deerhunter today released a video for “Living My Life,” Fading Frontier‘s most domesticated (and maybe best) track. The video is simple—just a few color blobs and shots of the band hanging around a house—but sometimes that’s all you need.

Fading Frontier is out Friday on 4AD.


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