WATCH: Arca Shares “EN” Video, Announces New Album

Mutant is out November 20.

Mutant is about sensuality and impulsiveness as escape routes out of rigidity. Softness as a weapon when the mind attacks itself,” avant-garde electronic musician Arca says of his new record in a statement. If lead single “EN” is indicative of Mutant as a whole, that line about softness being a weapon is about right. The Venezuelan producer, who has previously worked with Bjork and FKA twigs, sets up a rigid frame out of gashed synths, then shoots warm, pitched-down voices and billows of sound through it, unburdening the track of some of its rigor.

You can watch the video for “EN” below. Mutant‘s track list and artwork—which was done by Arca’s longtime collaborator Jesse Kanda—is also below.

Mutant track list
“Front Load”

Mutants is out November 20 on Warp.


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