WATCH: Odenkirk and Cross Get the “Mr. Show” Gang Back Together in First “W/ Bob and David” Sketch

"I'm gonna be a famous, no-nonsense TV judge."

It’s been seventeen years since Mr. Show left the airwaves, fundamentally altering the mood and tone of televised comedy with its wake. Both Bob Odenkirk (Breaking BadBetter Call Saul) and David Cross (Arrested Development) went on to become attention-grabbing stars in their own right, as did a seemingly disproportionate number of the show’s original cast members.

Now, with the premiere of W/ Bob and David, Netflix’s kinda-sorta reboot of Mr. Show, only a couple of weeks away, we’re getting our first full look at an Odenkirk–Cross sketch since 1998. In the clip below, the pair—along with Mr. Show alums Paul F. Tompkins, Jay Johnston, and John Ennis—discuss their New Year’s Resolutions. The predominance of gray hair aside, it’s almost eerie how easily the sketch could slot right into Mr. Show‘s original run. Take a peek:

W/ Bob and David premieres November 13 on Netflix.

(via The A.V. Club)


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