Chicago Restaurant One-Ups Burger King with Their Own Black Burger

Owen & Engine's Halloween burger is available until Saturday.

Even before we heard what the Burger King A.1. Halloween Whopper does to an eaters’ insides, we were already skeptical: do we want to trust our precious mealtimes to a company who thinks that putting onion rings on a burger constitutes innovation?

Now, though, our tastes buds have been piqued. Chicago joint Owen & Engine, whose burgers are consistently listed among the city’s best, have created a black-bun burger of their own. As Eater reports, the Owen & Engine version subs the chemically A.1. sauce dye for a mixture of house-made ketchup and squid ink. “We just wanted to do something to be silly and poke a little fun at ourselves and BK of course,” executive chef Bo Fowler told Eater.

Should you head to O&E for a black-bun burger before the weekend is out and find the lines too long, you could always grab one from Burger King. There’s one across the street.

(via Eater)


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