Contract of Zen: Jon Stewart Signs Deal with HBO

The four-year agreement will find the former Daily Show host producing “short-form digital content,” however which way that manifests itself.

Given the news of his and his wife’s new animal sanctuary opening in New Jersey (in addition to the growth of a pretty sweet vacation beard), Jon Stewart appeared to be flirting dangerously with retirement following his recent departure from The Daily Show. But you can rest easy now, as it appears that Stewart isn’t packing it up entirely—at least not yet.

Proving itself to be the go-to landing place for a no-drama rebound from a highly scrutinized cable relationship (ESPN says hi, Bill Simmons!), HBO is once again stepping in to offer their network for a low-restriction new project, this time with Stewart. The initial press release for the deal is incredibly vague, but the gist of it is that Stewart is teaming up with OTOY, a “cloud graphics” company, to produce short-form online content that “view[s] current events through [Stewart’s] unique prism.” There is said to be creative freedom going forward in terms of structure and breadth of the programming, but for now it appears that the shorts will be somewhat free-form and sporadic. 

“Appearing on television twenty-two minutes a night clearly broke me,” said Stewart in regards to the deal. “I’m pretty sure I can produce a few minutes of content every now and again.”

(via The Hollywood Reporter)


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