Moby to Tell His Strange, Strange Life Story in Upcoming Memoir “Porcelain”

The book will be released in June and has received advance praise from Salman Rushdie and Dave Eggers.

Electronica legend/health food ambassador/Mission of Burma fan Moby has lived a pretty interesting life. The great-great-great nephew of Herman Melville (hence Moby, as in Moby Dick), he was born Richard Melville Hall, and ditched his Connecticut home in the ’80s to go be a musician in New York. Since then, he’s released one of the most popular records ever in Play, was an initial investor in Whole Foods, and there was also that time that some guy on acid broke into his house and he decided to give him breakfast and a sweater.

This June, Moby will go into the details of his formative years in a memoir for Faber & Faber entitled Porcelain—named after one of Play’s biggest hits. Salman Rushdie and Dave Eggers provided advance comments on the book, with Rushdie quipping that “Herman Melville would, I think, be simultaneously revolted and proud,” and Eggers deadpanning that it’s “one of the funniest and most accessible books you’ll ever read about an erstwhile Christian/alcoholic vegan electronic music maker.”

Moby will be following in the footsteps of other prominent musicians to write memoirs, as Patti Smith, Philip Glass, Carrie Brownstein, Kim Gordon, and Elvis Costello have all recently stepped into the game themselves. Eminem has not yet responded with a diss-memoir.

(via Paste)


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