WATCH: The Pfefferman Family Stands Together in “Transparent” Season Two Trailer

"Did he just call me sir?"

Nothing brings a family together like a wedding. The highly stressful event brings all the crazy out, but hopefully you’re left with some fond memories and some gorgeous photos. In the season two teaser trailer for Transparent, that captured familial beauty is all that the Pfeffermans want. In the midst of the chaos of wrangling several family members together, Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) wonders if she should tilt her head up or down to get the best portrait and finally asks the photographer what he thinks. “I think chin up for you, sir” is his response. It takes a second or two for that to sink in, but Maura isn’t having any of it.

This juxtaposition of the beautiful day and the flippant dismissal of Maura’s true identity sets up the Amazon comedy’s sophomore season with a darker undercurrent than the first season.

Fans will have to wait an extra week to dive into the new adventures of the Pfefferman family—Amazon has pushed back the season two premiere date to December 11.

(via Deadline)


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