Want to Bring “Mystery Science Theater 3000” Back? Get on Kickstarter.

“They must’ve spent tens of dollars on this.”
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Want to Bring “Mystery Science Theater 3000” Back? Get on Kickstarter.

“They must’ve spent tens of dollars on this.”

Words: Bailey Pennick

November 10, 2015

2015. “Mystery Science Theater 3000” Kickstarter video still

Want to know what someone thinks of a film nowadays? Just head to their Twitter feed. At some point, everyone has live-tweeted a movie, either when they were home sick and watching cable or just really over the implausibility of the whole thing. But, what did people do when they saw a cheesy movie in the days before instant Internet access? They turned to the trusted and brilliant minds behind Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The ’90s cable staple had a simple, almost Shakespearian premise—”In the not-too-distant future, a man and his robots are trapped aboard the Satellite of Love, where mad scientists force them to sit through the worst movies ever made”—and an incredible writing team that actually made watching terrible movies more fun than seeing good ones. After an eleven year run, MST3K was cancelled in 1999, leaving film critics and Internet trolls to rule the movie viewing world, but now, there’s hope that the Satellite of Love will be up and working again. Today, Joel Hodgson—the show’s creator and the original series’ star—launched a Kickstarter campaign to create new episodes of the cult classic. With his robo-companions Crow and Tom Servo by his side, Hodgson is looking for two million dollars to produce three brand-new episodes to be able to shop around to potential networks.

Now, two million dollars might seem like a steep price tag for three installments of any show, but remember that these are the same geniuses that brought you these unforgettable quotes (among so many others):

“Just because you lost your hair, doesn’t mean you have to take it out on the planet.”

“Just shoot him! You told him you would. Don’t pad your part!”

“Besides, in space, no one can hear you sue!”

As of publication, Hodgson’s campaign had reached over 430,000 dollars with thirty-one days left. Click here to get involved and make sure this low-budget show hits your screen again.

(via The A.V. Club)