WATCH: Aziz Ansari Sets CBS’s Diversity Record with “Late Show” Appearance

"Stephen's the first late night host from South Carolina, and the bajillionth white guy."

Last night, Aziz Ansari was on Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new Netflix series Master of None, but before getting into some normal talk show chit-chat about his excellent show, Ansari took a moment to congratulate Stephen Colbert for being the first host from his state of South Carolina…and being another white guy in late night.

After the backlash surrounding Vanity Fair‘s recent cover featuring late night hosts, concerns about diversity within the world of television (especially late night) are making front page news again. Master of None takes this issue head on within its first season, but Ansari and Colbert have a great quick fix for network television with their  “50% diverse” interview segment—an “all time high for CBS” according to the former Parks and Recreation star.

Watch the clip below.

Master of None‘s first season is available now on Netflix.


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