LISTEN: La Sera Share “High Notes” from Ryan Adams–Produced “Music for Listening to Music to”

The followup to last year's Hour of the Dawn is out March 4 on Polyvinyl.

Hour of the Dawn, Katy Goodman’s 2014 release as La Sera, was a bright, brash, and punky set of songs, and now she’s given us the first single from her new record, Music for Listening to Music to. The album finds La Sera’s membership expanding to officially include Goodman’s husband Todd Wisenbaker, the guitarist and producer who worked on Hour of the Dawn.

But the most surprising presence is Ryan Adams, who produced Music for Listening to Music to (and who got along so well with Wisenbaker that the two decided to start a band together, which eventually led to the creation of Adams’ Taylor Swift covers record 1989). On lead single “High Notes,” Adams and Goodman strip away the ripping guitars in favor of a rippling country melody and one-two rhythm, effectively transforming Goodman from former Vivian Girl to alt-country chanteuse in the vein of Neko Case.

You can listen to “High Notes” below, then check out Music for Listening to Music to‘s track list and cover art. 

Music for Listening to Music to track list
1. High NotesLa_Sera-2015-Music_To_Listen_To_Music_To-Cover
2. A Thousand Ways
3. One True Love
4. Begins To Rain
5. Take My Heart
6. I Need An Angel
7. Time To Go
8. Shadow of Your Love
9. Nineties
10. Too Little Too Late

Music for Listening to Music to is out March 4 on Polyvinyl.


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