WATCH: “Girls” Grow Up (Kind of) in New Trailer for Season Five

"Settle in, son, and just let the nightmare wash over you."

Lena Dunham and her gang of Girls are back in the new trailer for what will likely be the penultimate season of the hit HBO series. And indeed, the trailer for season five has an air of finality. Marnie is getting married to “someone she barely knows,” Shoshanna moved “away from her problems” to Japan, and Hannah’s making out with her gay roommate in front of her new boyfriend.

While this clip picks up where the fourth season left off, Jessa and Adam have surprisingly small appearances in the trailer. There’s also only one mention of Hannah’s recently divorced parents, but thanks to last month’s teaser, we know that there will be a lot more family drama to go around.

Watch it all unravel below.

Girls returns to HBO on February 21.

(via Indiewire)


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