WATCH: Margo Price Puts a “Hurtin’ (on the Bottle)” in Debut Video

The Nashville singer is the first country artist to sign to Jack White's Third Man Records.

You don’t have to be tuned in to CMT to know that it’s a good time to be a female country singer. Kacey Musgraves garnered major crossover acclaim for her third record, June’s Pageant Material, and of course there’s a certain wispy chanteuse from Nashville who’s dominated the charts (and the thinkpiece industry) for the past couple of years.

Nashville’s Margo Price seems poised to be the next major country artist to find a foothold in the wider world. That’s partly because she’s the first country singer to sign to Jack White‘s Third Man Records, but it’s also because her no-bullshit attitude and high fluttering voice both recall the legendary Loretta Lynn (whose 2004 record Van Lear Rose was produced by White, and who is finally releasing that album’s followup this March). Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, Price’s debut, was recorded at Memphis’ famed Sun Studios, where Elvis, Johnny Cash, and pretty much everyone else got their start in the 1950s.

The video for “Hurtin’ (on the Bottle),” Price’s debut Third Man single, finds her sashaying in a dingy bar like many a honky tonk angel before her, but we also follow her outside, where she shotguns a PBR like a pro while a pal drains a bottle of Bulleit and the evening devolves into good ole-fashioned Nashville debauchery. “I put a hurtin’ on the bottle,” Price sings. “That don’t touch the pain you put on me.”

You can check out the video below.

Midwest Farmer’s Daughter is out March 25 on Third Man.


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