WATCH: Field Music Faces the Ghost of Indie Past in “The Noisy Days Are Over” Video

The Sunderland, England, group’s fifth LP Commontime is out February 5 via Memphis Industries.

Unless you’re Elvis Costello, smart pop has never been a particularly lucrative genre. But for those who are good at it—like the band Field Music—there are always enough loyal fans to keep going.

More than ten years out from their self-titled debut, Field Music are far from quitting, but they are aware of their increasingly outsider status—and have shared as much with “The Noisy Days Are Over.” Today, the group shared a new video for the bubbly first single from their upcoming LP Commontime, which shows us a day in the life of the the Brothers Brewis—part local legends, part local weirdos.

Commontime track list

Field_Music-2016-Commontime_cover_med_res1. The Noisy Days Are Over
2. Disappointed
3. But Not For You
4. I’m Glad
5. Don’t You Want To Know What’s Wrong?
6. How Should I Know If You’ve Changed?
7. Trouble At The Lights
8. They Want You To Remember
9. It’s A Good Thing
10. The Morning Is Waiting
11. Indeed It Is
12. That’s Close Enough For Now
13. Same Name
14. Stay Awake

Commontime is out February 5 on Memphis Industries.

(via Stereogum)


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