WATCH: Kamasi Washington Tells You Which Records You’ll Be Asking for This Holiday Season

The LA bandleader participates in Amoeba Music's "What's In My Bag?" series.

Considering the Hollywood institution’s jazz section is larger than most independent record stores’ entire floorspace, it’s no surprise that Kamasi Washington recently combed the racks at Amoeba Music for their “What’s In My Bag?” video series. And if you’ve spent any time with Washington’s 2015 LP The Epic, his choices probably won’t surprise you, either.

Washington shows off his jazz bona fides and picks up a little Max Roach and Alice Coltrane (whose nephew Stephen Ellison—better known as Flying Lotus—is a frequent collaborator of Washington’s), but he also selects Fela Kuti‘s classic Zombie, a Curtis Mayfield record that he himself had never heard of, and a collection of Indonesian gamelan music—all influences that find their way into The Epic. You can see the rest of Washington’s picks on Amoeba’s website, and you can watch him lament how difficult it used to be to find decent anime in the video below.

Kamasi Washington’s “Change of the Guard” was one of our favorite songs of 2015.

(via OkayPlayer)


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