WATCH: Be Prepared to Be Scared of the Internet with Werner Herzog’s “Lo and Behold” Trailer

It's Herzog's first documentary in five years.

The Internet: pretty important for everyday life! But it wasn’t really meant to be that way. Which is part of the reason why our connected infrastructure is so vulnerable to attack and decay. It’s a frightening proposition, the idea that the system upon which our entire society depends for its everyday functions is about as tough as a mille feuille. So who better to pull back the curtain on our dark future than filmmaker Werner Herzog, a man who knows from abysses.

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World, Herzog’s first documentary since 2011, explores the ways our world depends upon the Internet and examines its vulnerabilities and downsides. And it doesn’t stop at the structural: according to a press release, the film also tackles online harassment and Internet addiction. Here’s hoping it reveals the one weird trick of a flat belly.

The film will premiere at Sundance later this month, but you can get a (particularly anxiety-inducing) taste in the trailer below.


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