LISTEN: Ariel Pink Gets Slapped in “Black Ballerina”

The LA singer drops another pseudo-love song from his upcoming album.

When Ariel Pink isn’t busy getting into Twitter battles with Madonna fans, he occasionally writes music, and “Black Ballerina” is the latest offering from his upcoming album pom pom (out November 17 via 4AD).

Much like “Put Your Number in My Phone, “Black Ballerina” is a maybe real, maybe fictitious glimpse into Ariel Pink’s mindset towards the opposite sex, but his latest track lacks any of the previous single’s attempts at romantic flair. Pink enjoys being inappropriate—just hear how he manages to name drop Dolly Parton, Artemis, and Condoleezza Rice in a song that’s essentially about going to a strip club.

It’s hard to imagine enjoying a song with the lyrics “I like your areolas, baby” but Ariel Pink is just the right sexually charged, awkwardly confident singer to deliver the line.

The lyrics might be questionable, but the ’80s style synths beeps along in such a pleasantly poppy way, that it’s enough to make listeners gloss over the words and just enjoy the fuzzy six-minute tune.

pom pom is out November 18 (via 4AD).


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