WATCH: Savages Deliver Stirring “Adore” Video

From the forthcoming Adore Life.

Savages are good at a lot of things—sculpting sound, cultivating mystery, setting off festival crowds—but the common thread tying together all of their best moments is their willingness to look directly into darkness and to shout it down.

Sometimes that looks like raucous communal celebration, as in the video for “The Answer,” the lead single from the group’s sophomore LP Adore Life. That unflinchingness comes through powerfully in “Adore,” the album’s centerpiece whose video dropped this morning. Singer Jehnny Beth sings calmly, directly, and powerfully into the camera. “I will die maybe tomorrow,” she sings, “So I need to say, ‘I adore life.'”

The video, which was directed by Anders Malmberg and (excellently) lit by Tobias Rylander, is below.

Adore Life is out January 22 on Matador.


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