LISTEN: Seattle Sub Pop Signees So Pitted Share “feed me,” From “neo”

The sludge-punk trio's debut emerges February 19.

When we saw them open for No Age back in November, we said that Seattle’s So Pitted reminded us of Minutemen, Big Black, Pere Ubu, and their labelmates Metz. “feed me,” from the group’s forthcoming Sub Pop debut neo, certainly doubles down on the darker end of that spectrum. The song, which you can hear below, creeps into being from nothingness by the sheer force of feedback issuing from Jeannine Koewler’s guitar, then sticks around and brushes against the walls, never bursting into any kind of catharsis. It’s not exactly what you’d expect from a band named after a viral video, but here we are.

You can listen to “feed me” below and check out neo‘s track list and art.

neo track list

“cat scratch”SoPitted_R4_Drafts
“pay attention to me”
“holding the void”
“no nuke country”
“the sickness”
“feed me”
“i’m not over it”
“rot in hell”
“get out of my room”
“chop down that tree”

neo is out February 19 on Sub Pop.


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