Yasiin Bey Announces His Retirement from Music and Film Industries via Freestyle on Kanye West’s Site

"I've committed no crime, they must be out of their minds."

Late last night, Yasiin Bey released a ten-minute voice message/freestyle on KanyeWest.com to express that he wants to leave South Africa ASAP, where he is currently being detained and charged with illegally residing in the country with his family and using false travel documents and passports. “All I seek is to leave this state,” says Bey within the audio recording that starts with “No More Parties in S.A.”—a play on Kanye West‘s most recent single “No More Parties in LA.”

The South African government states that Bey has overstayed his welcome on his visitors permit and that his family must leave by January 29, but the artist formerly known as Mos Def refutes these claims by saying that the World Passport is a legitimate document: “Anyone can do the research about the World Passport. It is not meant to deceive or derive any benefits from any nation state. I have made no false claims. I have not misrepresented myself…I am under unnecessary state supervision and scrutiny.”

Towards the end of his message (but before all of the shout outs), Bey announces that he is done with the entertainment world “effective immediately.” His final album should be released at some point this year, but he’s already started outlining his new album via his Instagram account with track listing images that name drop Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Lupe Fiasco, and West. Bey is currently on bail, but he is required show up to court in South Africa on March 8.

(via FADER)


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