Eleanor Friedberger, “New View”

EleanorFriedberger_NewViewEleanor Friedberger
New View

Since moving on from The Fiery Furnaces in 2010, Eleanor Friedberger has done a real swell job of just doing her own damn thing. Her initial solo work—consisting of 2011’s Last Summer and 2013’s Personal Record—proved that not only was her voice capable of resonating on its own, but that in fact it might even be better off that way. New View is the third solid art-rock collection from Friedberger, who has only grown more assured and graceful with her songwriting as time has passed. “He Didn’t Mention His Mother,” the album opener, is a peak of her catalog—both exceptionally pleasing from a melodic standpoint and emotionally stirring from a lyrical one. From there, the remaining peaks of the album never quite reach the same height, but it’s still a rewarding hike regardless. Come to think of it, the view is always new if you just keep moving. Best plan ahead then. Wear good shoes.


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