WATCH: Paul Rudd, Stephen Hawking, and Keanu Reeves Save the World Through One Game of Quantum Chess

"Stephen Hawking? He can open for me!"

Paul Rudd is a pretty cool guy. He’s Ant-Man, Brian Fantana, and Wet Hot American Summer‘s Andy. And if that doesn’t impress you, don’t forget that Rudd also has several credentials including being part of SAG/AFTRA and Actors’ Equity. With all of that on his resume and his effortless charm, it’s a mystery that he wasn’t even considered to make the keynote speech at Caltech’s IQIM (Institute for Quantum Information and Matter) gala, One Entangled Evening. Yes, it’s true that Rudd has no background in quantum science, but why should they immediately give to another guy like Stephen Hawking? That decision didn’t sit right with the Clueless actor or his actually ageless friend (and fellow former heartthrob) Keanu Reeves, so they took on the establishment with one high-stakes game of Quantum Chess.

In a short film created for the event, which was held this past weekend in honor of the legacy of scientist and teacher Richard P. Feynman, Reeves (from 2716, to be exact) mentors Rudd via time-traveling emails and dramatic narration as he goes up against the equally charming Stephen Hawking for the rights to speak at Caltech’s party. While learning about Quantum Chess—a version of the classic board game that allows the chess pieces to exist as states as opposed to solid objects—is pretty fascinating, the best parts of Anyone Can Quantum are when Hawking and Rudd talk trash to each other. Special shoutouts to Rudd calling the world-renowned scientist “Redmayne” and Hawking labeling the comedic actor a nerd.

But who will win this epic battle? Hawking is the obvious choice, but don’t count Rudd out yet. He’s pretty good with computers.

(via Mashable)


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