Six Degrees of Alt-Comedy Nation: The Inbreeding of Comedy Fest Riot LA’s Lineup

All of your favorite comics—and their favorite comics—will be in downtown LA this weekend.

Notorious LA hater David Cross, notorious LA lover Patton Oswalt, their mutual friends Janeane Garofalo and Maria Bamford, and a bushel of other comedians descend on downtown Los Angeles this weekend for the fourth installment of the Riot LA festival. The three-day getdown brings together more than two-hundred comedians, ranging from salty-haired veterans (what’s the point of naming names?) to virtual unknowns (again, what’s the point of naming names?).

So, what do the participating comics have in common, beyond a knack for mostly sarcastic and sometimes snarky jokes, japes, and jabs? A hell of a lot, as it turns out. As this flowchart shows, there’s enough in-breeding between them to suggest that the festival isn’t taking place in LA but rather … well, another part of the country. We’ll leave the joke-making to them.



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