Sake-Flavored Kit Kats Are a Real Thing in Japan Now

Gimme a break.

If you’ve ever felt like you found the golden ticket when spotting a dark chocolate Kit Kat pack in your local supermarket, then you definitely haven’t been to a grocery store candy aisle in Japan. The Nestlé chocolate brand’s popularity has exploded in the Land of the Rising Sun with several amazing and strange flavors only being available in the region. Today, another unusual flavor has joined the Japanese Kit Kat lineup, which already includes sweet corn, salt and watermelon, green tea, soy sauce, and ginger ale—Sake.

Partially due to its name’s close relation to Japan’s good luck saying “kitto katsu” (“surely win”), Kit Kat bars are the region’s most popular candy. The new sake flavor will comprise of white chocolate and “sake powder” around the signature crunchy wafers. Apparently there is a “light sake aftertaste,” but with each bar only containing 0.8% alcohol, any sort of buzz you’d get from eating a sake Kit Kat would be purely coincidental.


Sake Kit Kats are available in stores around the country starting today, so all-in-one happy hours will start today at 5 p.m. JST.

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