WATCH: Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl Commercials Look Real Weird

Hang out with Weezy and George Washington on game day.—a rental listing site that somehow got the most straightforward url imaginable—is no stranger to outlandishly confusing, yet somewhat hilarious ads. Now, the site has passed its spokesperson torch from eccentric tech mogul Brad Bellflower (Jeff Goldblum) to the unlikely pairing of Lil Wayne and George Washington just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

In anticipation of the biggest sporting advertising event of the year, has released three teaser trailers for their new ads following the friendly antics of Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. and our first president as they compare their grills, get snacks for the game, and more. The only thing in these promos that seems to be remotely related to apartment hunting is the fact that these commercials take place in Lil Wayne’s “apartment,” but, frankly, the idea that the rapper lives in a building with a simple buzzer entryway is more ridiculous than him hanging out with the dead man on the $1.

Try to decipher the codes below.

(via Pitchfork)


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