WATCH: Ty Segall Is a Man About Town in the “Emotional Mugger” Short Film

Don’t think he’ll be getting the deposit back for that motel.

Foregoing any semblance of a traditional album cycle, Ty Segall technically never released any singles for Emotional Mugger. There was a doctor’s message, a hotline number, and advance copies on VHS, but besides that, if you wanted to hear the actual music, you had to wait until it was quite literally out (and with Drag City being a no-streaming label, even then it wasn’t as easy as just hitting play).

Appearing to have simply compiled his entire video budget into one extensive project, Segall has released a music video today—though it’s more of a short film. Hilariously, the fourteen-minute Emotional Mugger escapade still doesn’t feature any literal cuts from the album (go find your local record store, y’all), but instead uses remixes and edits of the album’s songs to soundtrack what can only be described as “Los Angeles Madness”…if this version of LA is a mix of the worlds in They Live and The Fly. Look out, Ty, he’s LAPD!

The whole thing was directed by Matt Yoka, who’s previously made a number of videos for Segall, such as “Manipulator” and “The Singer.” There’s a little bit more fake blood in this one.

(via Indiewire)


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